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Whether you're a student or teacher, actor or singer, CEO or looking for your dream job, it's my pleasure to share​ courses and programs featuring language learning techniques and simple frameworks that shorten your learning curve and get you speaking clearly and confidently in any language.

Ruben's Most Used Hebrew Phrases

An extensive list of useful phrases with a variety of Hebrew translations that are commonly heard in Israel on a daily basis.
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Hebrew Vowel Guide

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I Now Pronounce You: A Hebrew Speaker [SWH]

For Streetwise Hebrew's 6th anniversary, a specially designed abridged introductory course that will guide your pronunciation practice!
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I Now Pronounce You: A Hebrew Speaker

In this Hebrew pronunciation course, we walk you through the most complex sounds of Hebrew and make connections with your native language.
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I Now Pronounce You + 4 Hours of Private Coaching

Go big! Get the full course AND some one-on-one video time with its creator, Ruben, for added practice and personalized feedback!
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4 Hours Private Coaching

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Spanish Pronunciation Overview

Curious which sounds to focus on first when it comes to sounding natural in español? Let's walk through the basics of what to watch out for.
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I Now Pronounce You: A Native Speaker

Join our weekly LIVE lessons to get you sounding like a native in English, Spanish, and Hebrew. These monthly series feature a particular theme that changes over time and cover everything from pronunciation to everyday word choice and regional usage, and the best part is having a personal outlet for Q&A facilitated by a pronunciation specialist!

"OK, but what's so unique about your courses?"

Mastering native pronunciation by non-native speakers is very challenging. We all know that. Many of our students, who have spent years in language courses and have lived abroad for years, attribute this to

  • native teachers not understanding students’ English-speaking difficulties
  • overall lack of feedback / focus on pronunciation in classes
  • teachers’ lack of knowledge regarding instruction on how to modify sounds that create an “accent”
  • lack of a coherent framework for understanding and practicing proper pronunciation

In order to help you overcome all these difficulties and significantly improve your pronunciation, we’ve developed a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive video course on pronunciation.

All courses are you focused! By you focused we mean that the courses are designed and developed by native English speakers, just like you. We understand what English speakers need most when it comes to foreign language speaking.

  • We know all the ins and outs of proper English pronunciation and that of Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, and more importantly, how to explain it clearly to you.
  • We save you time and effort by focusing only on the most significant sounds and speech patterns in modern, colloquial use.
  • The courses were filmed and recorded in a professional studio with high-def audio and video. With crystal clear audio, you can now hear the subtle nuances between similar pronunciations.

The course structure and framework is designed to be your “one-stop-shop” for all things related to pronunciation. No more cluttering your brain with irrelevant information and facts. No need to search for additional materials.

We’ve done the work already to collect, record and arrange all the explanations and demonstrations in an easy-to-understand, comprehensive video series!

Practice makes perfect! That’s why we’ve included practice word lists with dozens of common words, separated by speech patterns, so you can efficiently master specific sounds.

Improving your pronunciation doesn’t have to take forever! Many of our students have reported that just after a few weeks of practice, their native friends and colleagues already compliment them on their pronunciation. Some sounds improve just after reviewing and practicing one module!

How confident are we with our promise? If you are not satisfied after practicing the first module, just send us a message. You’ll receive 100% of your money back (and keep the practice material). What could be fairer than that?

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to one of the courses below and join hundreds of our students who have already begun mastering their pronunciation!


Would these programs still be able to help someone who's not quite fluent yet?

Absolutely! In fact, waiting until you've reached a certain level and only then think about pronouncing words well actually makes it harder to change bad habits that have been developing since the beginning. I want you to understand fundamental differences so you can feel confident from the moment you start the conversation!

How are these programs different from other language courses out there?

Linguistix gives you language techniques that focus exclusively on pronunciation and how to sound more native when speaking. You get clear explanations from a linguist who actually speaks your native language (and a few others) so you can make the right connections and change your language identity.