I Now Pronounce You: A Hebrew Speaker [SWH] by Ruben

I Now Pronounce You: A Hebrew Speaker [SWH]

A wonderful introduction to Hebrew vowel sounds

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Course Breakdown

Welcome! ברוכים הבאים!
6 mins
*BONUS! How to Learn ANY Language
4 mins
*BONUS! What is an 'Accent' Really?
6 mins
A Better Way To Acquire Pronunciation
8 mins
The 'Easy' Vowel Sounds
5 mins
Alef and Ayin
2 mins
We Gotta Talk About Hay
3 mins
PRACTICE: 'Easy' Vowels
9 mins
*BONUS! Et + Ha = ?
4 mins
The 'Not-So-Easy' Vowel Sounds
7 mins
PRACTICE: 'Not-So-Easy' Vowels Pt. 1
7 mins
PRACTICE: 'Not-So-Easy- Vowels Pt. 2
6 mins
What's a Diphthong?
4 mins
Bonus Practice
Hebrew Vowel Guide.pdf
701 KB
HBW Vowel Guide - Intro.mp3
2 mins
HBW Pt 1 Easy Vowel Sound A.mp3
23 mins
HBW Pt 2 Easy Vowel Sound I.mp3
11 mins
HBW Pt 3 Not So Easy Vowel E.mp3
12 mins
HBW Pt 4 Not So Easy Vowel O.mp3
5 mins
HBW Pt 5 Not So Easy Vowel U.mp3
5 mins