I Now Pronounce You: A Native Speaker by Ruben

I Now Pronounce You: A Native Speaker

Join the community, and learn to impress people with your accent. Choose from the languages below.

Sound Native in American English

Our weekly and monthly group LIVE lessons are a great way to enhance the way you speak English. Aimed at intermediate to advanced speakers with tips on pronunciation, word choice and building overall confidence in English.
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Sound Native en Espa├▒ol

Get Spanish coaching support in weekly and monthly LIVE master classes and get answers to your language questions there in the moment!

Sound Native in Hebrew

On top of recurring LIVE lessons, you'll have the option to get immediate access to a private messaging group and work directly with Ruben for month-long feedback via audio and text. 
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What if I don't speak fluently or even well at all?

No problem. We lead all of our classes in English although the subject matter is speaking in the target language. Being a beginner is one of the most powerful positions you can find yourself in. Ignorance combined with the willingness to adapt almost always leads to positive growth. You'll be implementing all these practices from the start!

What if I can't make the live lessons?

Completely understandable. We work to find the best days and times for everyone, but rest assured, the lessons are recorded and saved for you to reference at any time in the future!

What if I'm already pretty advanced?

We're only going to add to your abilities by categorizing and labeling things you may already be doing, and adding an even more profound understanding of how the language works. We hope you can help us by contributing to the community!